The TIMP in the Cloud
e-Learning for the Test of Infant Motor Performance
Learn the TIMP on Any Platform on Your Own TIme and in Your Own Place
      IMPS has launched The TIMP in the Cloud, an online learning program for the Test of Infant Motor Performance. The program has 9 learning modules featuring lectures by the designers of the TIMP and other workshop instructors, videos of the TIMP in action, and opportunities for the learner to assess their comprehension of the material and score test item video clips.
      Course enrollment via login is for an individual only; tuition of $500 includes 25 TIMP test forms, a TIMP manual, and an age calculator. There is a discounted fee for simultaneous enrollment of 2 or more persons. 14 CCUs have been approved for PTs by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (accepted in about 30 U.S. states), and for 14 CEUs for OTs by AOTA (Domain: Performance Skills; Process: Evaluation and Outcomes; learning objectives can be found at Note that assignment of AOTA CEUs does not imply endorsement of specific course content, products, or clinical procedures by AOTA. The Illinois Early Intervention Training Program has also approved this course for 14 hours of EI credential credit in the area of assessment, and the course is one of those recommended by the Neonatal Therapy National Certification Board as part of the requirement of 40 hours of NICU-specific continuing education for CNT certification (see  Also available for individual purchase are the first lecture, Introduction to the Test of Infant Motor Performance, for those who
would like to learn a bit about the test or sample the e-Learning course before committing to a longer learning experience, and, for those who
have begun to use the TIMP, a lecture on Interpretation and Manipulation of TIMP Scores, for more on the statistics involved in interpreting
TIMP results.
      The short video here provides more information about the TIMP and who should take the online learning program. The modules in this program will incorporate a review of each item on the TIMP that is now included in the DVD described below and provide a more individualized learning experience than that available in group workshops, also described below. Order 114-16 on the Products page.  Cancellation policy: a full refund is available within 48 hours after receipt of acceptance notification.
Watch this site for info on scheduled workshops

Approved TIMP workshops last two days and are taught under the auspices of IMPS, LLC, by one of our certified instructors: Suzann K. Campbell, Gay L. Girolami, Thubi Kolobe, Beth Osten, Maureen Lenke, Vanessa Barbosa, April Clark, and Laura Zawacki. For workshops in China the cerified instructors are Dr. Yanni Chen and Dr. Yuping Zhang. Please contact contact  [email protected] at the Shenzhen Xinzhi Institute of Psychological Assessment Technology to schedule a workshop in China. HINT workkshops last one day and are taught by the test developer, Susan Harris. Workshops have been held in Alaska, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, British Columbia, China, Denmark, Finland, Florida, Greece, Illinois, Indiana, Israel, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, the Netherlands, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Norway, Ohio, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.  As new workshops are scheduled, contact information for registration will be posted on this page and on our Facebook page at imps llc. Individual TIMP and HINT instructors can also offer anything from one-hour lectures to full-day workshops in conjunction with scientific and professional meetings.  For example, the team of physical therapists that developed the NICU Care Path for PTs and the Discharge Care Path for parents presented the evidence behind these tools as well as use of the TIMP for structuring clinical practice in the NICU at the Combined Sections Meeting of the APTA in Indianapolis. Write us for help in arranging for speakers at [email protected]

In the meantime, if no workshops are available in your area, please see information below on self-instructional materials for learning the TIMP or consider e-Learning with the TIMP in the Cloud. 

Contact us for more information on future workshops. If you would like to host a workshop, please contact Gay Girolami at [email protected] .

Self-instructional Package for Learning the TIMP
OR, learn the TIMP at your own computer!
Our self-instructional DVD has been shown to be useful in obtaining rater reliability (see the Research page for an article by Liao and Campbell). The DVD provides brief theoretical and research information on the TIMP, illustrates all items in the test with videoclips demonstrating infant performance, and quizzes to test your scoring proficiency.  The AACPDM has listed the program as having excellent educational value. The second edition (V. 4.1) with more videos and quizzes is now available as a DVD; please note that the DVD is text only, no audio. The TIMP requires extensive study and practice to learn and administer efficiently. As a hint for learning, you can divide the 42 items into "packages" of content to learn one at a time: for example, the first 13 items are observed during a period of spontaneous activity and can be studied and practiced together. The next 5 items on the test are all related to head control in supported sitting. Next are a series of items administered in the supine position measuring a variety of postural control functions. There is also a series of prone items that can be studied together. And lastly are several items measuring righting reactions during tilting and sidelying as well as postural control in standing. So in your practice, decide that "today is prone item day" and learn and practice these items with each child you see until you understand the administration and scoring directions for these items. Enjoy improving your practice through standardized, evidence-based measurement. 
For a brief Powerpoint presentation on the TIMP for use by clinical and academic faculty to introduce the TIMP to students, write to [email protected] to receive a free copy of the slide show which can be edited to fit varying lengths of presentation.

Rater reliablity assessment using Rasch methodology to evaluate rater consistency and severity is available. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.